Joynery 24: the first self-assembly design clock handmade in Italy

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designed for every mood

Choose between 5 different colors and hands styles. Or use it simply “nude” showing its beautiful bamboo finishing.

design can be fun

No glue. No screws. Just 24 joints (like 24 hours in a day) to play with. You can mount and unmount your Joynery 24 clock as many times as you like. Mix and match the colors and hands and enjoy your design!


eco-friendly materials

we have carefully handpicked our materials to guarantee the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Joynery 24 - Bamboo


The four clock body layers and joints are made of natural, monolayer, vertical bamboo.

Soft-to-the-touch – like the warm sunset in Sardinia – yet more robust than oak, bamboo is one of the few materials that weathers well.

Moreover, this natural CO2 sink guarantees greater stability and ensures good sealing joints over time.

Joynery 24 - White

Recycled Plastic

Made from recycled materials, each front cover has its own distinct and unique pattern. The covers are 100% recyclable, waterproof, UV-resistant, and with zero VOC off-gassing.

The white plastic cover is adorned with hints of gold and silver. An elegant-looking marble-like surface is made from yogurt pots.

The black cover, with a design that resembles an energetic volcanic stone, is made from plastic packaging.

Joynery 24 - Red Passion

Recyclable Acrylic

The perfectly planar shiny surfaces are like a precious gemstone – appealing to the eye and made to stand the test of time.

The methacrylate used for Joynery 24 front covers is made in Italy, 100% recyclable, and comes in a range of contemporary colors: red passion, blue ocean, and yellow sun.

Custom colors and surfaces will be available soon with a minimum order quantity.

Joynery 24 - Aluminium


Clock hands are designed by Joynery and custom-made from high-quality aluminum.

Infinitely recyclable and very resistant, nearly 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

Light-weight yet durable, the clock hands can be customized and come in 4 different models: gold long, silver short, white long, black long.

handcrafted with ❤ in Italy

24 is proudly designed in Sardinia by Cristina Pusceddu, who found inspiration in nature’s beauty, passion for travels, and talented artists.

The bamboo clock body layers and joints, as well as the plastic front covers, are manufactured and hand-crafted by a selected Trentino-Alto Adige partner, one by one.

The clock movement and hands are from one of the leading providers of mechanisms, hands, and clock components, based in Tuscany.

Joynery - Handmade

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