Design should be something you interact with and make yours.


Inspired by participatory architecture, emotional design, and Japanese attention to detail, JOYNERY has the mission to create design products where you are at the heart of the assembly process.

our values


unique and creative design and materials


all creations feature clean lines and minimal design


each product is made with passion and the aim to enjoy design


all materials and parts reflect high-quality standards


materials and components are 100% recycled or recyclable

about us

Cristina Pusceddu

CEO & Designer

She started to design the 24 clock in 2018 with the mission to create emotional objects and furniture. After obtaining her Ph.D. at Politecnico di Milano Italy, Cristina Pusceddu’s work was aimed exclusively at perfecting the interiors in microarchitectures. Her research travels in Indonesia and Vietnam exposed her to different cultures and architectural concepts. The cooperation with Thomas Herzog Architekten, an Architectural Studio in Munich Germany, is what taught Cristina that attention to detail and sustainability are essential. Last but not least, her research experience in Tokyo, Japan and collaboration with the eclectic design studio Atelier OPA taught her the importance of the past and the ability to reinterpret it in the future. Cristina’s research and travels led her to focus on the use of colors, materials, and furniture to make people feel at home. Inspired by the influence of emotional design and environmental psychology, Cristina decided to devote her career to designing creations people can play with, personalize, and decorate to reflect their moods and emotions.

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